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Weight loss with keto Chocolate Coconut fat bombs

If you are a fan of chocolate and coconut then I am sure these fat bombs are going to be your new favourite. These fat bombs help me to be in ketosis and therefore helps me in weight loss. It is perfect for healthy snacking between meals as It is a low carb and keto friendly that fits well with macros. Most importantly it slashes your sugar craving without disturbing your diet. It is easy to make and you can customise it with so many flavours from sweet to savoury. It tastes just amazing. 

I make it in bunch and store it in my refrigerator. Making these bombs are actually a piece of cake. I love it with my cup of chai or coffee at any time of day or night. 

Macros of each fat bomb:  Keto bombs in total- 13

Calories- 124.15

Net Carb- 1.15 (each)


Butter Unsalted- 100 Grams 

Coconut Desiccated Powder – 60 Grams (keep few grams aside for garnishing)

Cocoa Powder Unsweetened – 50 Grams 

Flex Seed Powder- 20 Grams

Sunflower Seed Powder- 15 Grams

Dry Roasted White Sesame Seeds-   20 Grams

Vanilla Extract- ½ tea spoon

Stevia/Erythritol- as per taste


In a double boiler melt the unsalted butter, off the flame add cocoa powder, flex seed powder, sunflower seed powder, white sesame seeds, coconut powder, vanilla extract and stevia or erythritol. Mix it very well. You will find dough like texture, if you feel the consistency is little soft then put the mixture in refrigerator for 15 mins. Divide it into equal portions. Make it like ball and roll it over with desiccated coconut powder and it is done and dusted.

Can’t wait for you to make these and share your love. 

Have a guilt free Snacking!!

Love & Gratitude

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