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The Law of Duality

Duality; the fundamental of all conflicts & possibilities:

  • My perspective is this but people have their own perspectives.
  • Why criminal and victim both have advocates and in reality only one is true?
  • For some people night is more productive than days and opposite for some.
  • Is law to find out the truth or to prove who is able to prove the plausible truth?
  • Is it all about the outer world or self consciousness, satisfaction & peace?
  • Why do black and white both exist? Why not only black or only white?

Interesting, isn’t it? 😁

Why are there at least two aspects of everything in this world, why not only one?

I could have never felt happiness unless I had experienced sadness. There would have been no value of light if there was no darkness. The taste of success seems phenomenal because failure knocked you down many times. You know what is good because you have encountered evil as well probably.

We identify the beauty of life because somewhere we have seen ugliness too.

None of the experiences, emotions and perceptions is better than the other one. In a way we are living in a paradoxical world with paradoxical perceptions and this is how this material world runs.

That’s what is duality! TRUTH is ONE, FALLACIES are many!

Duality is not limited to this but way beyond. God has created this fundamental of duality to create opportunities and varieties.

Let’s relate this with Mathematics to understand better. ‘One’ to the power ‘one’ or ‘N’ remains one but ‘two’ to the power keeps increasing except ‘one’. Here’s the fundamental of this physical world. Duality is ‘Two’ not ‘One’. ‘Two’ is the the creation of this material world, which is Duality. 

Is there anything right or wrong about this? NO! This is what it is. This is what is essential for the material world to exist.

Duality creates logic! Logic creates Options! Options create Opportunities!

We in this world need opportunities. Hence this fundamental of DUALITY came into the picture!

Being into the material world, most of us juggle between need, greed and the attainment of God . We want to have it all and in the process we neither get our desire fulfilled nor get the self realisation. Most of us are stuck with the MAYA and the flux of duality.

Here, Lord Krishna explained and simplified how to handle duality in “The Bhagwat Gita – Chapter 5”

न प्रहृष्येत्प्रियं प्राप्य नोद्विजेत्प्राप्य चाप्रियम्।

स्थिरबुद्धिरसम्मूढो ब्रह्मविद्ब्रह्मणि स्थितः।।5.20।।

Na prahasyet priyam prapya, nodvijet prapya chapriyam!

Sthir-buddhir asammudho, brahma-vid brahmani sthitah!!

A person who neither rejoices upon achieving something pleasant nor laments upon obtaining something unpleasant, who is self-intelligent, un-bewildered, and who knows the science of God, is to be understood as already situated in Transcendence.

Do Not be overjoyed in success and feel dejected or hopeless in failures. In this material world this is bound to happen. Don’t put the tag on happy, sad, positive or negative, just accept the situation as it is, don’t just hook onto one emotion. Experience the moment and focus on doing your best. Remember “Nothing is permanent”.

The material world is made of Duality, there is no escape to it, it is inevitable and essential.

Cherish it, live well!

Love & Gratitude


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