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Relationship is a gear mechanism

In today’s world where people have ‘ego’ bigger than their bank balance, patience has lost its existence, relationship is bound to shatter. Why is he/she not like me? Why doesn’t my boss understand? Why doesn’t my team listen to me? Why are my parents so adamant? Why are so many expectations out there? Expectations have become the first nature of human beings. 

You might feel sometimes that you are the only one trying to save the relationship or make your relationship work better. Well yes, possibility is that you have tried everything in your capacity but flourishing the relationship is pretty much impossible unless you use the right gear. You can magically turn around any relationship much faster than you are expecting.

Relationship works like a gear, when two gears get connected speed of relationship becomes easy and simple. The way gear is dependent on the number of teeth in each gear, exactly relationship is also based on number of understandings between two people, be it with colleague, boss, business partners, spouse or any couple.

Understanding of gears is important in every relationship. When you are in sync with the gear of relationship, your work flourishes, creativity is at peak, love blooms and there is positivity all around. When gears mismatch or stuck, good times become worst, rifts start happening between best of the relationships, the whole environment saddens and suddenly affection vanishes. It’s more about complimenting than equality in a relationship exactly like gears, operating together.

In today’s world gearing down is very difficult. Everyone carries high ego and everywhere there is a feeling of “I know it all”, people have lost their patience and listening ability. Now a days people only hear but don’t listen. They hear what they want to hear and do what they wish to do. Advancement of technology brought everything to make our life easy but in relationships there are no quick fixes.

Things to learn from Gear Mechanism:

Adjustment: A little adjustment and gears work fine, exact thing goes with relationship, just a little adjustment and it can create a world of difference. Those little missing things in other person which used to disgust you before, no longer seem bad because you don’t look for perfection but adjustment.

Balancing Act: Gears balance everything, if handled well; it runs the whole machinery well without any hindrance. Similarly if we choose sensible decisions in relationship it balances out every aspect of life with ease.

Power Transmission: Gears transmit power from one part to another part of machine. Best relationships are also like gears, they transmit the power to the other person and empower and enrich each other. Great Relationship sounds like magic and it’s just a gear mechanism in action.

Gear it up well! Make your relationship super awesome!

Love & Gratitude


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