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Noisy Mind! How to get mental clarity and focus?

I want this, I don’t want this. I can’t do this, I can do only this. I hate him, can’t face him at all. Why this happened to me, why only me? Restless mind! Always confused?

So much goes on in our minds that we start living in our imagination and not in reality. Reality is the happening in present. Our mind mostly lives in expectation, illusion and desires; if these don’t match with our present occurrence, suffering starts and leads to the blame game.

Most of us don’t align ourselves with reality and start accepting everything happening in our mind and that’s where the conflict starts between Reality and Mind. We resist all the undesired happenings in present. Remember; what we resist, persists

Acceptance is the direct path to change, it is about having an awareness of the situation, acknowledging it and accepting it. Acceptance should be uncompromised. In any life crisis or unfavorable situation when suffering is about to knock you down; ask yourself these questions;

  1. “Does the situation allow me to do something to bring the change?”
  2. “Does the situation not allow me to do something?”

For example; you are in an abusive relationship and made enough attempts to revive it but nothing improved. Finally, you take some decisions to come out of it and you get peace. In this case you took the action to change your reality. Hence, whenever there is an ability to do something you must do.

Let’s take another example; you are stuck in the middle of bad traffic, it’s not moving at all because of some casualty. What you need to do is to accept it since you can’t do anything about it so accept it without resistance.

Wherever you go, you will always find some or the other thing not right. If you look for pleasure or satisfaction in every little thing you will end up getting yourself distressed. 

Acceptance of “NOW” helps in dissolving illusions and gets you in action. It brings you out of the confused state of mind

Business collapsed, family gone, no money, everything is hollow and all of a sudden amidst hollowness you realize peace, it is an understanding of acceptance, surrender yourself, this is what it is. Acceptance is not a weakness it gives you the strength to move forward, it opens the door of your wisdom. Unless you embrace the “NOW”, you won’t be at peace to think of your course of action to overcome your current situation. 

“Acceptance of unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world”- Eckhart Tolle

Try once to be in the acceptance mode one entire day. Whatever it is just accept it untailored and without any dissection. You will feel you are at peace. Acceptance is natural and part of human behaviour just that we have forgotten to bring it into our awareness. 

Practice Awareness!!

Love & Gratitude

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  • Deepak Nair

    Awesome writing skills always….If you collate all your blogs into one book, surely it will be a super reading piece…. good work Ruchi P

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