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‘Makeup’ your inner being Part-1

Gosh! It’s my first date, would I be able to impress him/her, am I looking beautiful? Is my hair great? What about my clothes?

I am so nervous, am I looking presentable for this interview? Will my first impression be good?

Aha!! The talk is all about beauty, clothes, right makeup, looking beautiful , attractive appearance and marking on your first impression. 

Why do we all so much into fixing our external beauty and external appearance. 

Psychologically, we try to influence people and the easiest way out is to do it externally. We all appreciate beautiful things and the same definition of beauty and perfection is engraved in our subconscious mind by the society. We feel good and filled with ecstasy when we are appreciated and accepted by others. That’s what is taught to us since childhood that you are good when you are appreciated and you are bad and unworthy when you are rejected. 

So, as a human, this is our natural tendency to crave for appreciations and to achieve it most of us choose the outwardly options of dressing up good, carry ourselves good, making skin flawless and do everything at a superficial level. Somewhere in our lives we have experienced the euphoric feeling of beauty and it’s perfection directly or indirectly. In order to maintain our elation we engross at a very surface level achievements. 

Beauty industry is flourishing because of our fixation of looking externally good.

Funny to watch these cosmetic ads but people get trapped in these and end up spending thousands in these products which they feel can make them fair, youthful, beautiful and spotless within 7 days or even less and once they get the desired result and society’s seal of approval, they will accomplish everything in life;😜 like they will get job without cracking the interview, traffic police won’t charge fine because she is fair now, she will get her ex -boyfriend back and eventually married and settled with him 😆(as shown in advertisements).

As we are advancing in time, world is getting obsessed with outer beauty. Teenagers are learning how to do make up to look mature and mature ladies and gents are applying creams to hide wrinkles and tempted to look young. Beauty Industry is already a few hundred Billion dollar Industry and still counting. This Industry does everything in persuasion to sell their product faster, these companies work so intelligently on human’s reptilian brain that we often get trapped in an emotion to look for feel good factor and get into compulsive decision making.

If you look at the advertisement you’ll realise the intent of making you feel low with your present self image and they promise to make it up with their products or services as if it is going to increase your worth. 

Why do we do this? because it’s easy to fabricate and look cosmetically beautiful and it is much visible to have appreciations which in turn will make you satisfied that yes ‘you are something’. 

There is nothing wrong in this. It gives a good feel when you know that you are  looking impeccably beautiful and presentable. Many times it works wonders and boosts your self confidence. The issue arrises when we start doing comparison with others. There is no parameter to measure any beauty standards. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone with better skin, hair or body structure than you. There is no end to comparison and there is no epitome of outer beauty. 

The question is “Are you trying just to “Look good or be good”

Is it only about looking good?

Is it all about looking beautiful at the surface?  Doesn’t inner beauty has a deeper meaning?  What about mindset and purifying our soul? What about making our inner-self being flawless? Why don’t we try to cleanse our inner being the way we clean our body everyday? – I am sure, few of us think about it and also try to put some efforts towards it.

Let’s not always get into the practice of looking beautiful, certainly it is powerful but its superficial and temporary. Transform your inner beauty, its permanent. 80/20 ratio works here also, focus 80% inwardly and 20% outwardly. The more you are spotless within the less you would need the requirement to fix the outer spots. 

Inner beauty blossoms with wider mindset and wider mindset changes the lifestyle and lifestyle transformation should happen not just at the level of living pattern but also at the level of thoughts. 

Stay tuned for related articles to “makeup your inner being”.

Love & Gratitude


  • Chitranjan

    Makeup, Dressing, i like much more about the thought, excellent write up. but good dressing is required. when you are intelligent and done lots, than its ok like Ratan Tata ji, but at some stage a good dressing is required. not always, but yes, your first impression comes with Dress after your knowledge.

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