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‘Makeup’ your inner being Part-2

Inner being is your non physical realm of consciousness. Everyone has certain amount of inherent inner strength that we are born with and rest we build on our own. Success has this hidden word underneath which is inner strength. Failure will always be counted as failure if that is not realised into learning and converted into action; the power and strength which makes it possible comes from inner being. 

Working on Inner being is an art and a process of self discovery. Eradicating your negative thoughts and mastering on channelising the positive energy is a gradual process and practice. Likewise any habit, working on inner being is also a life long habit and inner strength is a consequence of this. Without inner strength no task can be accomplished even if you are physically fit and have a strength like a lion. 

Let’s understand few points to build your inner being –

You are more than your body– Keep a conscious reminder that you are a soul. You are not just a matter, you are the soul which is permanent and eternal. Beauty is not merely a body, it is skin deep. It is more than the outer level of cosmetic beauty, it touches deep within, it’s your inner strength. Your inner strength comprises of confidence, persistence, insight, love, compassion, positivity, hope, optimism, humanity and much more. 

Response over Reaction– be an observer, be a good listener. Don’t just tempt to react. Once your words are out of your mouth, you can not take them back. Be responsive, a responsive person is responsible person and besides himself he thinks about others and consequences also. 

Surround yourself with positive people- As a human we have a tendency to get easily influenced by people and as they say negativity attracts more. So don’t experiment and play with fire rather build network with better, knowledgeable and positive people who have wisdom and insight for life.

Learn compassion– Change is certain and life is unpredictable. Our good time may flip and our life can make us feel insecure, confused and scared. This is the time when our compassionate behaviour is much needed. Compassion strengthens you internally and externally. Compassion is a genuine feeling of kindness and well being of others. Remember what goes around comes around manyfold. 

Practice silence– Practicing silence is the best way to look within. It declutters your mind. Silence gives you huge strength to discern well and make good decisions. It gives you an opportunity to introspect and allows you to connect to the five elements which we are made of and helps you realise your core existence and connects you with the divinity. 

Practice Gratitude– We all are unique and fortunate. Be thankful for what you have. Show genuine gratitude to everyone who has contributed in your life directly or indirectly. World is a better place if we start recognising and appreciating people and pass on the same practice to our next generation. 

Practice forgiveness– Forgiveness is very important, you can’t let go off things and move on if you have not forgiven the toxic people and bad incident and events in your life. Forgiveness makes your life easier, it is for you, not for others. It makes you feel lighter within and fills you with humanity and courage.

(Refer my forgiveness articles Part-1 & Part-2 to learn more)

Take care of your body– Unless you are fit and healthy , you won’t be able to do above mentioned practices. Our ancient scripture says beautifully about this in this shloka;

व्यायामात्लभतेस्वास्थ्यंदीर्घायुष्यंबलंसुखम् |

आरोग्यंपरमंभाग्यंस्वास्थ्यंसर्वार्थसाधनम् ||

This shloka says “Exercise results in good health, long life, strength and happiness. Good health is a greatest blessing and health is means of everything.”

To make it a regular practice keep the bullet points in front of you, paste somewhere in your home or keep it on the main screen of your extended part of the body ‘mobile 😀. This will keep reminding you to practice.

These small practices if done regularly can bring huge changes in life, let’s take an oath to work on inner beauty our inner being and build our inner strength. Life is short. Be in the moment by being human. 

                          Don’t just look good; be good

Love & Gratitude


  • Chitranjan Kesari

    Well written, surround yourself with positive people always, this is very important to succeed in your life, always be positive. Practice silence- if you are going in silence, some positive and some negative thought comes, focus on positive and take what positive thought comes. Your good karma can hold you on positivity. Take care of your body-do some exercise, yoga, meditation, Health is wealth. Try to play one of the favorite sports, I am running marathon to focus my long run approach.

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