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‘Hope’- The Electricity of Life

What gives you strength? What kind of thoughts fill you up with courage of not giving up when you are filled with despair? What’s that string of positive vibes that pulls you out from any devastated situation and gives an unshakeable belief that everything is going to be alright. 

Amidst lockdown and mayhem of corona virus, we all expect for a better tomorrow. We have dreams for ourselves and people around us. In the scenario today when most of the businesses are badly affected, daily wagers are shattered, many employees have lost their jobs, lot of small scale businesses are already closed down out of losses and economy seems bleak; one thing that keeps all of us going is “HOPE”. It’s not over yet! In the tunnel of fear and uncertainty hope shows the possibility and potential in any dreadful situation. It has magnetic power to make you yearn for your dream with an unwavering faith.

I strongly feel; since God didn’t chose to be physically present with everyone so He has given hope. It is the magical power of God or Supreme energy (whosoever you believe) to make us realise that “don’t loose hope, I am holding your hand”. 

Eventually, I have realised that there is no guarantee or certainty of anything but there is always ‘Hope’. The world runs on hope, businesses prepare planning and forecasting of performance and revenues on hope, students and aspirants prepare and appear for exams on hope, Doctors treat patients with hope, Scientists do numerous experiments over and over again with hope, Governments make policies and plans for their nations with hope. 

Extreme logical minds may not agree with this as they see outcome as a matter of planning & execution only. Let me put an effort to clarify; planning and execution is always dependent upon the sequence of events, every event involves different kind of resources. Availability of these resource can not be guaranteed always but will be based on certain possibility and this is what is called as “HOPE”. 

Think for a moment; what is the guarantee that we will be able to witness the next moment. We go to sleep by putting up an alarm, what is the guarantee that we will be breathing by the time alarm rings?

Every planning and expectation of next moment is based on the HOPE, there is no guarantee! Every action is based on this most powerful word “HOPE”. How powerful is this!

Let’s keep hope and remember that hope works along with action. So, stay in action with hope to rebuild the better future!

Love & Gratitude!


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