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Hold on for one more day

It’s absolutely fine if nothing is moving in right direction, it is fine if every decision you took didn’t work, it is fine that your startup failed and you are left with 150 Rs. in your bank account with a hefty loan amount to pay back, it is fine that you are lost and clueless with a thought that why this happened to you.

Success is a package that comes with failure. The truth is; everyone wants to be successful and the bitter truth is; no one wants to taste the failure. We all know it very well and admit it intellectually but when it comes to reality, failures make most of us paralysed to an extent that the only way we find is to give up and take a U-turn.

As a human being, it is our natural tendency to desire for a perfect situation and a smooth life. Any kind of challenge or shift in life makes us uncomfortable and looks like a threat to our existence and survival.

There are two ways to look at failures, either you can crib and complain about failures and make it look like a big and never ending problem or you can learn from failures and convert it into opportunities. Life has this uncanny reality that it throws unexpected situation at the least expected time.

If you feel like your life is falling apart, nothing is moving and you are at rock bottom where everything looks dark; just hold onto yourself because the only place it has to bounce back is “UPWARD”. Always remember one line, which is my favourite whenever I am low; “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER”. 

“Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing”- Pema Chodron

Possibility could be that you are broke financially and mentally and at the verge of quitting. I understand it’s hard to sustain when situations are terrible and chaotic even after your sheer hard work but whenever you feel like enough is enough, I can’t take it anymore just tell to yourself  aloud “buddy!! Just hold for one more day”

Someone’s failures are someone’s opportunities. So make sure instead of someone one else, you should learn from your failures and seize the opportunity to make it a new possibility. Have this attitude that “no matter what life throws at me I am going to face it and shall not leave any stone unturned” and remind yourself to “ HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY”!

Love & Gratitude


  • chitranjan

    Someone’s failures are someone’s opportunities. I feel like that also. I am also struggling. why startup fails in 6 months. last 2 months are bad for me, but learning from our mistake and going ahead. my investor is talking only PO, he has no interest in business and service. i am reading this website regularly and motivating myself daily. Attitude matters lots. i like this heading “Hold on for one more day”

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