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Embrace your imperfection


“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”  ― Salvador Dali

Why have we stopped living in our present and worrying more about perfection? It has burdened us so much, that we have stopped exploring our very own hidden talent, skills and started losing the capacity of innovations and discoveries and started copying people whom we think are supremely perfect.

Accidentlly, if anyone would ever achieve this state of perfection, trust me, one can never be a happy person, he will either be analysing his past or thriving to have more perfection for future.

Are we doing justice to ourselves and our generations?  Today’s generation is living in a rut life. They feel they are not good enough and follow certain so called perfect pattern of life. Parents do comparison with other kids and they do create undue pressure on their kids for good grades. They push this deep rooted thought that “they are not good enough” at their very tender age without realising the after-effects that they are making the new generation just like them, not better not worse but just like them. Everyone is running and trying to be like someone perfect. what is the use of this perfection, if we can’t be real and can’t do the authentic things. Willingness of perfection loses the charm of realism.

Consider Amitabh Bachhan’s heavy voice, once he was rejected from all India radio mentioning that his voice is not perfect, which didn’t discourage him to be the legend Bollywood star, whom the whole world knows.

Walt Disney, who gave the world happiness in abundance suffered from dyslexia. Despite this, he went on to become an American film producer, voice actor, screenwriter, animator, director and an entrepreneur who is widely known for his motion pictures.

Sir Richard Branson was also dyslexic that hindered him in school, it was part of the reason he began his own newspaper. The success of this newspaper was the stepping stone on which he founded his billionaire empire on. With a personal wealth of around 3 billion dollars, his dyslexia certainly has not held him back and has made him into the list of famous people with dyslexia.

Sylvester Stallone’s facial nerves were injured due to a medical complication at his birth. Stallone has a partial palsy over the left side of his face. This eventually caused a problem with his speech. However, this doesn’t stop him from having a successful acting career. Sylvester has acted in over 50 movies including blockbusters RockyThe Expendables, and Rambo. He is now well-known for his brave facial expression.

Nick Vujicic came into this world with a rare condition called tetra-amelia. Tetra-amelia is a congenital disorder in which all four limbs, arm, and legs are absent. Vujicic didn’t let this condition overpower his own life. Apart from being happy with his own life, he is writing books and inspiring others with his positive energy. He is considered as one of the finest speakers in the world.

The list does not end here, there are many more…

Take an example of the modern abstract art which may be confusing to some but perfect for other, so it’s a perception of perfection.

There is no perfect version of anything because in everything and everyone there is always a scope of improvement. Perfection is an illusion, what is perfect for me may not be perfect for you or vice- versa. So embrace your imperfections and flaws.

As said by Leonard Cohen that “there is a crack in everything that’s why the light gets in.” 

Let’s have a look why it is so important to embrace your imperfections:

  1. The realisation of real you– When you embrace your imperfection, you started discovering who you really are and not what you thought you were.  It will bring you out of stereo typical so called perfect pattern and allow you to see things the way you want to see, exactly your real and authentic way. It’s not about being perfect , it’s about being real.
  • It keeps you happy and healthy–  Oh for sure, if you have accepted your flaws , you will live in peace. you will be out of obsession of being perfect and you will be stress free.
  • It gives an opportunity to learn – When you accept your imperfections, you will become more open to discuss about your flaws to others and work upon them and you will be receptive to others flaws and mistakes. It will make you calm and composed and less irritated.
  • The better version of you –  The major impact; you will be out of obsession of copying someone who you are not and start working upon your own strength. You will have your own purpose of existence.

Somewhere we all know about this at certain extent but we are not conscious about it.  We are killing our every moment and striving to be someone else’s perfect version then to be our first and very own real version.


                                                       YOU ARE AWESOME !!

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