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Conflict within

I know what it takes to loose weight but I am not able to stick to my diet, it is so frustrating. I know where I need to improve myself professionally but for some reason I can’t focus, I feel so disgusted. I want to start my own business but don’t have guts to quit my job. It is the need of the hour for me to get technically updated to get up in my career ladder but I am trapped in online games, I just can’t leave it, I am so addicted. What to do?

Many times, why do we knowingly get into wrong doings even if we are aware of? This is the ‘conflict’. How do we understand and win over it?

Inner Conflict is a continuous fight betweenyou’ and ‘you’. One ‘you’ wants something and the other ‘you’ resists it. The war is between what you ‘should’ do instead of what you ‘want’ to do. By constantly ignoring and suppressing your real ‘you’, you somehow have lost the touch of your deep-rooted core nature and have forgotten the true and authentic self.

Most of the time our decisions are based on our preconceived notions and our social conditioning. These are inevitable and spontaneous. We feel that whatever decisions we take is conscious but least we know that major decisions taken by us are unconscious. 

How do we end this ‘war’ or ‘conflict’ within?

Before we get into this identification, let’s take a step back and find out the difference between ‘You’ and ‘You’. As per my exploration so far; Yogi’s and awakened people have simplified this difference by defining one ‘You’ as ‘Buddhi or Intelligence’ and the other ‘You’ as ‘Manas/Mann or Mind”. Former once is derived by connecting with the Supreme and latter one is ‘Maya or material’ driven. In most cases, Maya driven ‘You’ wins and that’s the reason these conflicts make us powerless. What drives us to the quality and powerful life is ‘Buddhi or Intelligence’. To identify and discern well between ‘Buddhi/Intelligence’ and ‘Mann/Mind”, lot of conscious efforts are required to feel the existence of real ‘You’ and align it with your mind or ‘Mann’ whenever the conflict arrises. 

The more we allow ourselves to surrender to the supreme energy, easier it is to contemplate on our inner conflict manifesting into much clearer vision, peace, compassion, dynamism and elation. However this alignment is a long journey and can only be derived through ‘Practice’ or ‘Sadhna’. Understanding and accepting this means half the journey is achieved in resolving your inner conflict the other half is through implementing the ‘Practice/Sadhna’ of putting conscious effort to know the authentic you. 

Love & Gratitude


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