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Are you a ‘Guidance’ seeker or a ‘Direction’ leader?

I hardly remember a time in my life when I followed the GPS to reach somewhere and later I remembered the route as well. On the contrary when I did not use GPS but searched for the path through directions and landmarks to reach my destination, I remembered it almost always. Does it happen with you as well? Most of you might relate to this. Why does it happen?

Read on, it’s thought provoking!🤔

I believe that Guidance makes you weak. Guidance from someone may help, assist and solve your problems every now and then but in due course of time it makes you dependent and starts controlling you. It’s favourable results and easy access makes you addicted and so much dependent upon it that you start seeking guidance all the time by making it a permanent process. You stop using your intelligence and capability of discernment. You do not tend to develop any thought process of your own since guidance is readily available to you. Eventually it may take you to a dangerous state, which is ‘fear of decision making’ as if you will make a mistake if do not get the guidance.

Direction empowers and uplifts you. When you choose your direction or when you get the direction from someone, it is an indication to move, identify, explore and create opportunities along the way. It compels you to make decisions enhancing your capability of decision making constantly. Since the decisions and actions are yours and you take full responsibility of the same, it strengthens you and gives you innumerable opportunities to grow with no tendency of dependence. Direction has this beautiful purpose of empowerment which makes you a leader who can uplift others by empowering them.

There is no defacement in getting guidance. It makes your journey comfortable if you are being guided by someone who has walked the path. However looking for only direction may bring out a new you that you can be more proud of. Make your own choice and keep growing. 

Love & Gratitude


  • Shamlal Puri

    Brilliant inspiring words! A clear sense of direction is needed by everyone… even when camels were plodding in the soft desert sand in the olden days there used to be no compasses or modern gizmos to show them direction. It and its keeper were guided to the next waadi or oasis by the sense of direction. The right direction of the senses helped to complete the journey .. well done!

  • Akshay Kulkarni

    Someone has to be incharged.Leading by example is important. Good content and Inspiring.Well done 😊😊

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